Commercial Cleaning Leader of Columbus

When you walk into the office do you see the same spot on the floor, unemptied trashcan, or smudge on the glass? You’ve emailed the cleaning company multiple times. The cleaning company sends you an automated email back because they don’t care. You’re a number. See these franchise companies have created a scheme. They tell all these people “We will give you business and you’ll work the hours that are best for your family.” What the franchise owners don’t realize is that they are going to make a FRACTION of the actual cost to clean. The franchise company will pack on a ton of work, making it impossible to finish every job thoroughly in one night. Then the franchise owner will end up quitting and you’re business will be left high and dry, until they find someone else to con.

Let’s avoid all this and go with the seasoned commercial cleaning professionals, Circle Building Services Inc. CBS has built a loyal client base because we like to build lasting relationships with our clients. We are old school in that way. We like to answer customers’ questions and concerns on the same day. Choosing our service guarantees that you will have a consistently clean business. Choose the elite team at Circle Building Services Inc. Schedule a free estimate today!